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Playa 2.0 info

Well, needless to say that the interface on playa 1.0 left much to be desired. It was actually a 'for the hell of it' project that i threw together in a few hours, but I really like the gameplay itself. So I'll be throwin playa 2.0 at u in a month or so. By clicking on my affiliate link you really do help me to continue making this game. If you don't know what a vaporizer is, you should check it out. I've got 3 of em and they beat any other smoking utensil hands down. Check it out here:

Features of 2.0

- Completely new interface that should be easier to learn, more detailed, user freindly, and it will look good.

- New Pricing structure that will make the game a little more realistic in terms of price changes.

- Completely new selling structure, you will be able to set your price based on 'going rate' and the amount you sell will depend on your pricing. (more realism)

- New buying structure, you will have max buy quantities based on the amount the dealer has.

- A few new/changed locations.

- A new lender option (should be good for laughs)

- High scores will still be saved, but you will see a table of the ten highest scores with names

- The game will always be free to play

- There are a few other new features but i don't remember em lol.

Possibilities for future releases

- I'm definately going to put this thing up on a better host soon (no popups).

- Playa high score lists for all playas (not just your machine).

- Playa feedback link ie report bugs, let me know what you think, gimme ideas etc. (i'll incorporate that into playa2.0 as soon as i get on a host that supports php/sql)

- Downloadable standalone version.

- I may add a couple new cities to the mix

- Possible multi-player version depending on my hit quota (if there's enough peeps interested).

That's all for now, thanks for playin...
-lata playa
mvp link